"Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved"
(ROMANS 10:13)

How foolish to disregard a warning. Yet I did – a serious warning of my danger of eternal separation from God.
As a girl of 11, I heard of the love of the Lord Jesus Christ, as my mother became a Christian and she changed to a person who responded and loved God. I was stubborn – I lied and stole, I got others into trouble, I would not own up and I didn’t care about God.
I heard a strange message at Sunday School (where we were made to attend once my mother was a Christian). The Lord Jesus Christ, who had died for sinners and had risen and ascended to the Father, would one day return. At that time “the moon would turn to blood”.

I took no notice.

Coming out of an evening young people’s meeting, I looked up into the sky and saw it filled with an eerie red glow. It seemed to be all around and terror struck my soul. It was true – He had come – it was true, only those who had repented of their sin and asked the Lord Jesus Christ into their hearts as Saviour and Lord had gone to be with Him. I was left behind – I was too late! I would never again see my mother and father, who had warned me of my danger.
Trembling, I grasped my friend’s arm and, with a shaking voice, said “Anne, the moon has turned to blood – the Lord has come.”
Anne looked at the sky and then stared at me. “You silly girl, that’s the light from the Odeon cinema [which was just around the corner].”
Oh, the relief. It wasn’t too late. He hadn’t come, there was still time. I rushed home and in my bedroom fell on my knees before the One who had in love and grace reached out and touched my hard, stubborn, little soul. “Please save me, Lord. I do repent of my wicked ways, make me thine and may I know thy forgiveness and become a child of thine who will serve thee and give thee pleasure in my life.”
And He did. His peace came into my heart and I knew such rest from my fears. I knew He would keep His promise – “Him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.”
Will you come? Nothing else is so important as to respond when we hear His voice. Do not turn away and think you know best. God has given His only beloved Son to rescue you from the danger which awaits those wh will not repent and do not give Him any place in their lives. He cares for you. Don’t neglect the Bible’s warning. Come to Him before it is too late.

Rose LePage.