"...who worketh all things after the counsel of his own will"

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Who Are We?
We are just a group of people living in Guernsey who have experienced the love of Jesus Christ and seek to live in accordance with what he has taught us from His Word (The Bible).
As we are ordinary human beings, like everybody else, our failings are always evident but we continue to press on in the knowledge that God forgives those who ask forgiveness.
The following may help you understand how we, as a church, desire to live together:

The New Testament portrays the Church as more than just a group of Christians meeting together but as a well structured, well organised group in which all play a part but which nevertheless has leaders and overseers as well as other office bearers. The Church stands for the truth of the Gospel and for Christian morality. It exists to bear witness to both of these in the world and if its standards are violated by a member, action must be taken to restore its order, mercifully and under the guidance of God, both for its own purity and for the sake of its witness. The New Testament also portrays the Church as a group to which Christians should be joined (Acts 9:26-28 and Acts 5:12-14). Therefore, although all Christians should belong to a Church, they should join because they desire to, and not because they are forced against their will. On doing so, they are taking upon themselves privileges as well as responsibilities. These latter include making a full contribution to the life of the Church, and living a consistent Christian life at the personal level.

The word "join" that the New Testament uses is a very strong word which means "to glue" therefore when a person becomes a member of the Church they are entering into a binding agreement in which they effectively make a loving commitment to the rest of the Church and the rest of the Church make a loving commitment to them. In so doing the Church promises to walk together in Love, bearing one another's burdens, bearing with each others weaknesses and failings with much kind-heartedness, submitting one toward the other and especially to those whom God has set over the Church in the offices of Pastor and Elder, praying for each other and striving together for the truths of the Gospel and purity of God's ways and ordinances, avoiding causes and causers of division, endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.