"He Is Risen"
(MARK 16:6)

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Being an Evangelical Church means that we believe the Bible is God's communication to human beings and not a book of stories with "spiritual" themes, it is therefore referred to as the word of God, which it claims itself to be. This being the case we uphold the Bible as the only authority and rule as to what we believe and how we behave.
As an Independent Church, we believe the Bible clearly teaches that each individual Church has its own local leadership and is answerable directly to Jesus Christ and not to any other form of hierarchy or chain of command. This does not mean each Church is isolated from others but that nobody outside of the local Church may speak as if representing them or exercise any control over them.
We are also known as a Reformed Church. This is an historical reference. It means that if we were to give a detailed account of what we believe (a Confession of Faith, as they are known) it would be almost identical to those written in the period of history known as the Reformation (16th Century) by such men as John Calvin. The Reformed nature of our Church is also seen in the form of our services, as we believe the Bible is not silent on this matter but teaches us how God is to be worshipped.

We acknowledge especially the Lordship of Jesus Christ as the Eternal Son of God who by His suffering on the cross in place of sinners, and His resurrection from the dead, secured for all His people forgiveness from God the Father and new life in Christ. The application of His truths being brought to us through the work of God the Holy Spirit. We believe our Lord Jesus will certainly come again in power and glory as the Saviour of all His redeemed and as Judge of mankind.
We believe that when a person puts their faith in Jesus Christ they should be baptised in water as commanded by Christ himself.

We have no involvement with associations or ventures connected with the modern ecumenical movement.