"be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind"
(ROMANS 12:2)

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Prayer is pleasing and precious to God. It honours him when his people praise, thank and ask the right things of him. He is glorified as we show our faith and dependence on him, and is pleased to be seen as the lavish provider and kind answerer of our requests. Indeed so important to God is prayer, that he often waits to be asked, before he will give us certain good things and further his purposes.

If that is true, then it would be right to say that if we don't pray, it disappoints and in a sense, frustrates God and his purposes. Just as we can grieve the Holy Spirit by doing wrong, so we can hinder God's work by our neglect and failure to pray. Prayer is so central to the way God works that we do not know what blessings and victories are not realised for the lack of prayer. "Ye have not, because ye ask not" (James 4:2)

Prayer is a privilege and a responsibility. We must pray as individuals, and equally, if not perhaps more importantly, we must pray collectively as a Church. God works through prayer. He works in answer to prayer. And if we do not ask, we so very often will not receive. That is the general rule and principle by which God operates. Of course God is Sovereign and can do whatever he wants, in whatever way he chooses. God can overrule our short-comings and failures, but it brings him more glory and it is better for us, if we pray and receive answers to those prayers.

As a Church, this must be one of our top priorities. It is a task and work that each Christian should have a part in - whether we are a man or a woman, old or young, shy or an extrovert. Ideal prayer meetings are those where everyone feels comfortable to fully participate, and each Christian is faithfully carrying out their God-given duty to intercede on behalf of others and pray for the furtherance of Christ's cause in this world. Without that, church growth and life will be stunted and not as fruitful as it would other wise be. With it, great things happen!